HAVS Management Services
First Integrated Solutions is a provider of HAVS management and analysis services, both in-house and on-site. We also supply REACTEC HAV wear and ATEX HAV meters to the oil and gas industry.


First Integrated conduct HAVS Analysis both in-house and on-site in accordance with BS EN ISO 5349.

Reactec Analytics Software

  • Managers and team leaders can view a wide variety of online Analytics reports 24/7 on demand to be informed of their HAVS risk and receive automated reports via email. From head office to remote locations only an internet connection and computer are required to view the online reports. A company can centrally manage employee online access to view specific or company-wide reports.


The HAVWEAR monitor has been developed to more easily and effectively assess and manage hand arm vibration (HAV) risks. By lowering the cost of monitoring HAV exposure the HAVWEAR makes individual exposure monitoring a reality.It has ground breaking technology to simultaneously assess exposure risk using:

  • Pre-defined tool vibration magnitude
  • Vibration magnitude sensed by the wearer’s wrist


The Reactec Analytics Platform is a mobile tracking and management solution, which includes the HAVMETER, to better protect employees from Hand Arm Vibration exposure.

  • The Reactec Analytics Platform monitors in real-time, worker exposure using the HSE points system. It also provides practical and useful information to help implement and measure the most effective actions to support HSE guidelines.
  • Through using the HAVMETER and Reactec Analytics reports, responsibility and awareness is shared with team leaders, depot and project managers. Providing unlimited access to easy-to understand reports both online or by email, all duty holders can remain actively involved in risk reduction activity on a daily and management review level.
  • The Reactec Analytics Platform removes the uncertainty of tool use by tracking exact trigger time of tools used and by which operators. A HAVMETER can also be personalised to support operators on reduced points due to medical issues. The HAVMETER measures variations in tool vibration magnitudes across work schedules and operators to help identify a more representative risk, poor tool performance and utilisation.
  • The HAVmeter completely automates the entire monitoring and reporting process. With easy access to operator exposure level records and tool usage, managers can utilise their time to proactively manage HAVs exposure risk with more accuracy and efficiency than a manual system.


First Integrated is an official supplier of Reactec products and services.


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