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First Integrated Solutions provides high quality winches and deck machinery to the Oil and Gas sector.

First Integrated Solutions are a leading provider of winch and deck machinery to the international energy industry. Our extensive winch rental fleet is manufactured in full compliance with DNV standards and our exclusive distributorship agreements allow us full design & build capability to meet your technical and operational requirements.

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35te Winch

Zone 1 Electric HPU

132kw+37kw HPU

18te Winch

65 Te Winch

93 Te Winch


Fully certified & traceable rental fleet manufactured in accordance with DNV standards

  • Winches available for use with wire or fibre rope for all applications up to 350 tonne pull
  • Winches available for mooring, tugger, chain & A&R applications c/w sheaves, fairleads & line monitoring systems
  • Wire/fibre/umbilical spooling, inspection and rope maintenance services – on & off site
  • Equipment can be supplied for use in safe area or Zone I/II application projects


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Business Development Director

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